Correction for The Last Entry

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

i'm so sorry guys..
ada corection untuk entry Current News on Scholarships 2014 and U

so sorry. 
bout INSTEP hari tu, 
just got their reply, INSTEP is no longer arrange the program for SPM school leavers. 
so sorry.

btw, another scholarship here Petronas
will be opened on 20th march 2014 (9am) and will be closing on 26th march 2014 (5pm) . 
tak lama dia bukak. so better prepare everything early

one more thhing...... 
about astro scholarship.. 
i think u guys should read this by yourself for clearer view. 
senang cerita, astro tu takda untuk kita spm leavers. i'm so sorry once again

That's all.

sorry kayyy salah inform

ehhh wait!
another info from my friend, Haikal
kalau apply overseas, hati hati taw!
diorang akan spy fb n twitter kita
by our emel laaa
nak tengok personaliti kita..
taknak laaa kalau kita ni kuat merapu or serious 24/7
diorang nak yg, just nice *kalau korang faham laa*

so aku nasihatkan, nak apply scholars or U overseas la especially, 
better make another email acc
for safety.
so, hati hati nak apply nanti!

May Allah bless



  1. abg Haikal apply cne kak Izzah? :3 .. oh yea .. just in case u forgot bout me .. im Leonel .. troublemaker for 2 consecutive years :3 .. hahha .. more info? Deltarians .. awal tahun form 3 pindah :) ..

    1. ingat ingat. haha. haikal ne? nok miak saser ya kaa? nya lom apply apa apa gik